Modern Japanese Cuisine

modern japanese Cuisine



Since Sushi2Mee opened in 2014, we’ve been on a roll (pun intended) spreading the joy of what sushi should be; delicious, responsibly sourced ingredients, and an affordable experience you want to have again and again. The restaurant cultivates a casual ambiance for an enriched dining experience. Sushi’s eclectic composition with a refined simplistic touch allows both sushi newcomers and experts to enjoy the Sushi2Mee experience.


Sushi2Mee delivers your meal to you at your home or business.

We deliver goodness - and all your favorites - right to your doorstep.

Denise Yaniz


Established in 2014, Sushi2mee is the product of second generation restaurateur, Denise Yaniz. With over 30 years in the food industry and her love for sushi, Denise set out to conquer the Japanese food industry. She even has a dog named Sushi. The exceptional quality of their sushi is attributed to a combination of high quality, fresh ingredients and modern preparation techniques. Located in the heart of Miami, Sushi2mee is constantly experimenting with innovative culinary methods to refine their menu.